WLS Forte and other FitForMe supplements

A safe and effective multivitamin supplement for RYGB patients.

After a Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass (RYGB), patients are advised to take lifelong food supplements to reduce the risk of developing deficiencies. To adjust to the specific needs of RYGB patients, a specialized bariatric multivitamin supplement (WLS Forte) was developed in 2010. A previous study has shown the efficacy of WLS Forte on the nutritional status of RYGB patients in the first year after surgery: iron deficiencies were lowered by 88% when using WLS Forte. The present study builds on the initial evidence by evaluating the longer-term effects and safety of WLS Forte, 3 years after RYGB.

Free choice of multivitamin supplement

The 148 patients who participated in the initial randomized controlled trial were asked to enroll for a 3-year follow-up. The superior outcomes of WLS Forte in the primary RCT had led to the decision to terminate randomization and encourage use of WLS Forte for all patients.

For the follow-up, patients were free to purchase the supplement of their choice. However, usage of WLS Forte, with an additional calcium and vitamin D supplement, was advised. At 36 months after surgery, 64 patients were using WLS Forte, 45 patients used a standard multivitamin, and 28 patients had stopped supplementation.

WLS Forte: well-tolerated and effective

This study shows that WLS Forte is effective in reducing deficiencies after RYGB in the longer term. Significantly fewer patients developed anemia when using WLS Forte compared to patients using a standard multivitamin or no supplementation at all. In this comparison, the number of ferritin, vitamin B12 and zinc deficiencies was decreased using WLS Forte. No adverse events occurred related to supplement use, making WLS Forte a safe and effective food supplement for RYGB patients.

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Link to full text: https://linkinghub.elsevier.com/retrieve/pii/S1550-7289(15)01100-4