Together with Baricol

Together with Baricol

We are pleased to announce that FitForMe is joining forces with Baricol Bariatrics.

The collaboration is a valuable step toward supporting more patients to maintain healthy routines post-surgery and preventing medical complications in the long term. Research shows that >75% of all patients develop one or more deficiencies in one year after a Sleeve Gastrectomy.

We are active in more than 29 countries conducting medical research and developing personalized supplements to decrease deficiencies after bariatric surgery. Joining forces with Baricol allows us to reach new regions and deliver innovative solutions to improve medical results in the long term.

Haris Fazlic, CEO Baricol: “FitForMe is a leading example in bariatric supplements in Europe and has always been an inspiration and a source of knowledge for Baricol. We’ve proudly reviewed and learned from the extensive research done by FitForMe. We are looking forward to jointly meeting the challenge of supplementation with our shared base in science and patient products”.

Baricol is the leading brand in the Scandinavian region and has developed the innovative digital patient application BariBuddy. This is a solution for the long-term challenge of adherence to daily supplementation and healthy routines post-surgery.
We aim to make such innovations available on a global scale.

Our journey to provide more patients and healthcare professionals with scientifically proven solutions and a worldwide platform has just begun. We will continue to seek out more ways to increase our impact and support as many patients and healthcare professionals as possible.

At this moment, the acquisition will not have a direct impact on the products and services offered by FitForMe and Baricol Bariatrics. All products and services can be advised and applied in practice as known. In the event of any changes, we will inform you promptly.

For questions, please check our FAQ below or contact our customer service.

About FitForMe

Every person is unique. Wouldn’t it be strange if we all took the same multivitamin?
Based on this vision, founders Sjoerd and Simon developed a personal, tailor-made multivitamin in 2005. Originally, the idea was to make healthy people even healthier until they became aware of a patient group in need of help: people with stomach reductions.

After years of testing, research, and improvement, in collaboration with hospitals and medical professionals, we know that our multivitamins work. Our supplements will help you feel reborn and stay in balance before your operation and many years after. We are here for you for the rest of your life. FitForMe enables you to get the most out of yourself every day.

About Baricol

The founders of Baricol also wanted to create a product customized for patients after bariatric surgery. They saw that both the supplements prescribed as well as the after care provided were not focused on patient needs and decided to change this. The first version of Baricol Complete came to life in 2014 at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden. This planted the seed for Baricol Bariatrics AB which was ounded in January 2015.

Their product, Baricol Complete, is a customized bariatric supplement, based on the Nordic guidelines and with their innovative BariBuddy app they educate and remind patients to maintain healthy routines post-surgery.

Why have FitForMe and Baricol joined forces?

It is our mission to support more patients and healthcare professionals after bariatric surgery. The acquisition with Baricol allows us to support more people with innovative products in new regions, such as Scandinavia and the United Kingdom.

What kind of products does Baricol offer?

Baricol offers food supplements for bariatric patients. There are four different application forms of Multivitamins which contain per daily dosage the same formulations.

1. Tablets, daily use of 5 tablets per day

2. Chewable tablets, daily use of 3 tablets per day

3. Effervescent tablets, daily use of 2 tablets per day

4. Powder in a sachet, 2 sachets per day


Additionally, Baricol also offers a protein bar.

What is the difference between Baricol and FitForMe supplements?

The main difference is that FitForMe offers supplements tailored to the different surgeries. FitForMe focusses on the intake of all-in-one capsule per day or one chew tablet with a separate ferro tablet.


Additionally, Baricol uses magnesium and calcium in its formulation, whereas FitForMe does not.

FitForMe offers protein powder, Baricol has a protein bar.

For more details, please contact us.

Will FitForMe or Baricol products change?

No, at this moment nothing will change in FitForMe nor Baricol products.

Will the FitForMe or Baricol services change?

No, at this moment nothing will change regarding our services.

Will the customers of FitForMe and Baricol still be able to contact dietitians through customer service?

Yes, customers of both brands will be able to contact Customer Service local to their countries. For more information please consult or

Can I buy Baricol products at FitForMe?

No, Baricol is only available via , FitForMe will remain available through its local websites, more information via . We will inform you if anything changes.

Can I exchange my products for Baricol products or vice versa?

No, not at this moment. We will inform you if anything changes.

Will Baricol be rebranded to FitForMe?

Not yet. We are still exploring how our products can best compliment each other. We will inform you timely about possible changes.

Can I expect major changes in the future?

Don’t worry, we will inform you if anything changes. We are always developing and improving our products and services to serve people in the best possible manner using science as our guideline. This means that in the future we will be able to serve you even better with innovative products and services.

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