bone density mass scan

Vitamin D supplementation and bone density

Vitamin D supplementation and bone density

bone density mass scan

High-dose vitamin D supplementation can improve bone density loss after a One-Anastomosis Gastric Bypass.

Although bariatric surgery effectively treats obesity and comorbidities, nutritional deficiencies put patients a risk of developing other health issues. Loss of bone density is often encountered, due to changed bone metabolism and nutrient malabsorption. Vitamin D deficiencies are common after bariatric surgery. The impact of these deficiencies on bone density loss, however, has not been fully investigated, nor has the efficacy of vitamin D supplementation.

Body weight loss after a One-Anastomosis Gastric Bypass

In a randomized controlled trial, 25 One-Anastomosis Gastric Bypass patients received either 3 loading doses of 100.000 IU of vitamin D in the first month after surgery, followed by a maintenance dose of 3420 IU in the months after. A control group of 25 patients only received the maintenance dose. Weight loss and bone mineral density were examined during the first year postoperatively. The procedure resulted in an average of 36% body weight loss. A significant decrease in bone mineral density in lumbar spine and hip was seen. However, this loss of bone mass seemed unlinked to the amount of weight loss.

High-dosed vitamin D supplementation improves bone density

In the study, the effect of postoperative vitamin D supplementation was also assessed. Patients who received a higher dose of vitamin D, showed significantly higher bone mass density levels, compared to patients using a lower vitamin D dose. Furthermore, the decline in bone mass density that is often seen in bariatric patients, was lower among patients receiving a higher vitamin D dose. Thus, high-dose vitamin D supplementation in the first postoperative year might be able to decelerate bone loss.


Luger, M., Kruschitz, R., Winzer, E. et al. OBES SURG (2018) 28: 3454.

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